Welcome to Studyhub, an extraordinary e-learning platform (“The Service” or the “Website”) provided by Studyhub (the “Company”, “Studyhub”, “we”). We respect your privacy and want you to know what information we collect about you and what we do with that information. The following Privacy Policy was created to help you understand how the information you share with Studyhub will be used. This Privacy Policy applies to all information that we collect about you.

Please know that Studyhub may contain hyperlinks to other Internet sites and occasionally these sites may share the Studyhub brand or the brand of one of our affiliates. Sites that are linked to the Service or are branded by Studyhub may have Privacy Policies that differ from those of Studyhub.

How to contact us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, or if you would like to contact Studyhub for any other reason, please send us your message to:  or through the learning platform, using the link “Contact us”.

Information We Collect

Registration Information: You do not need to provide us with any personal information to access our website or to view the information we generally provide on our website. However, we may offer you the opportunity to register with us or join our mailing list. Although it is not necessary to register to access our website, it is necessary to register and create an account with Studyhub (Studyhub Account) to use the Service. When you create your Studyhub account, you will need to provide certain personal information, including your first and last name, a username (which can be your email address), the country where you live, your phone number, and a password. At other times, you may also be asked to provide us with additional information, such as your age.

In addition, before using the Service, you may be asked to present a credit card or other payment method, and the address where your card or payment method statements arrive. If you authorize it, we will keep this information in our database to facilitate the processing of future transactions, all in accordance with the regulations issued by the credit card associations.

As part of the process to create an account on Studyhub or participate in certain promotions offered by Studyhub, such as raffles, competitions, surveys, newsletters, etc., in addition to your name and email address, you may be asked to share certain information concerning their education and purchasing preferences, among others. Studyhub may need this information to get to know you better, help you understand new services, programs, and offers in which you may be interested, and thus improve your online experience.

Automatic data collection: You can visit our website and use some of our services anonymously. Regardless of whether or not you have registered with us, Studyhub may collect certain personal information for the use of our services. For example, Studyhub may collect information concerning the type of Internet browser you use, the type of computer or operating system you use, your IP address, the speed of your connection, the domain name of your service provider. Internet, the geographical location from where you are accessing our services and / or the website or advertisement from where you connected to our website. When you use a mobile device (such as a tablet or smartphone) to access our service, we may access, collect, and store on your device and / or remotely save one or more “Device Identifiers” on your computer. These Device Identifiers are small data files or logical data structures that are associated or stored on your mobile device in order to uniquely identify your mobile device. Once you have registered with us, we also track and collect information about you including your transactions with us, our affiliates, and others; and the patterns you followed when using our website, such as the pages of the site you visited, searches you carried out and the length of time you spent on our page. If you contact us, we may keep a history of your correspondence. and store on your device and / or remotely save one or more “Device Identifiers” on your computer. These Device Identifiers are small data files or logical data structures that are associated or stored on your mobile device in order to uniquely identify your mobile device. Once you have registered with us, we also track and collect information about you including your transactions with us, our affiliates, and others; and the patterns you followed when using our website, such as the pages of the site you visited, searches you carried out, and the length of time you spent on our page. 

Cookies: When you visit our website or click on any hyperlink that appears on it, or use one or more of our services, we may use a very common technology in the industry called “cookies” which stores certain information on your computer and will allow us to personalize your experience to align it with your interests and preferences, or simply facilitate your access when using our services. Most browsers will allow you to delete or block “cookies” from your computer or hard drive or will alert them when they are activated. Please refer to your browser’s instructions for help or to better understand its functions. Please bear in mind that if you block the use of these cookies from your browser, The service may not be used or you will not be able to access our website or it may affect the operation of the page as such. By allowing the browser settings to accept cookies from our website or The Service, you authorize us to place cookies on your personal computer and / or technological device. However, users of our website and Service can configure their browser to accept or reject all or certain cookies. Please note that if you configure your browser to disable cookies or other technologies, you may not be able to access certain parts of our website or Service, or other parts of our Service may not function properly. For more information about cookies, click on this link:

Testimonials Studyhub may post customer testimonials on our Website, which may contain personal information. Once you accept the Terms of Service that apply to The Service, you give your consent to Studyhub to publish any of your testimonials, comments, name and any other representation that comes from you.

Information we receive from our affiliates. Studyhub may also provide personal information to third parties or to pages of affiliated brands through which we provide access to our services (“Affiliate Networks”). When you register with us, the Affiliate Network from which you accessed may provide us with your username and password for that Network. Some of those Affiliate Networks or other networks may share any other information that you share with us. By using our services, you agree to allow us to receive and use any information, except credit card information that you share with affiliated networks, under the same terms, as if you had shared it with us directly. Whether or not an Affiliate Network shares your information and to what extent it does so with us.

What we do with your information

We work with third parties who provide services, which may include hosting of Internet sites, delivery of promotions, order processing, authorization of credit cards, data analysis and other services of an administrative nature. Personal information, including financial information, may be shared with such third parties for the purpose of providing such services. We do our best to impose confidentiality obligations on such service providers. Also, Studyhub, who owns Studyhub, may use your information under the terms of this Privacy Policy. Furthermore, we reserve the right to disclose personal information to third parties when we believe it is in good faith and required by law, to enforce our Terms of Service, to protect rights.

Following the termination or deactivation of your account, Studyhub, its affiliates, or its service providers may retain the information associated with your profile information for a commercially reasonable period of time for the purpose of backing up, archiving and / or for auditing purposes.


We use reasonable security methods to protect the data that resides on our servers. However, no security system is impenetrable; Due to this, we cannot guarantee the security of our servers. It is also possible that the information you provide us may be intercepted during the transmission of data.

Whenever you provide Studyhub sensitive information (example: credit card numbers), Studyhub will take all reasonable commercial measures to protect such information and establish a secure connection with our Web Browser. Studyhub uses an industry standard technology known as secure-socket-layer (“SSL”) to protect the transmission of payment information to the website. You can verify the security of your connection by looking at the address bar in your Browser window. When accessing a server protected by SSL, the first characters of the address will change from “http” to “https.”

Please collaborate with us. To help you protect your Studyhub account information, please keep your password safe. Your password will be stored in our system in an encrypted form as Studyhub knows that your privacy is very important. Studyhub will generate a new password in case you forget it and send it to your email. This will not affect your profile in any way. We suggest that you choose a password that is not obvious and contains numbers and letters. Also, we recommend that you do not share your password with anyone. You are ultimately responsible for keeping your password and your Studyhub account information secret.

Remember to sign out or log out of your Studyhub course, and close your browser every time you finish using your computer. This measure is to ensure that others cannot access your personal information, since your computer may be accessible to others or used in a shared way.

Studyhub’s Privacy Policy does not extend to anything inherent in the operation of the Internet, therefore not to anything beyond Studyhub’s control, and will not apply in any way contrary to law or government regulations.


The services provided by this website are generally intended for persons over 18 years of age. Anyone who provides us with this type of information ensures that they are 18 years of age or older. Studyhub does not collect or request any information from anyone under the age of 18 nor does it allow those individuals to register for the Service.

Third party advertisers

Studyhub may allow other companies, called ad servers or ad networks, to serve ads from within The Service. These third parties use technology to send, directly to your Browser, the advertisements and hyperlinks that appear on The Service. In these cases, they automatically receive your IP address. They may also use other technologies (such as “cookies,” JavaScript, or Internet “beacons”) to measure the effectiveness of their advertisements and to personalize them.

Studyhub does not provide any personal information to these third parties without your consent, unless it is for a specific program in which you may ask us to participate. However, keep in mind that if an advertiser asks Studyhub to serve an ad to a specific audience or segment of the public, and you respond to that ad, the advertiser may conclude that you fit the description of the audience they want to reach.

You should individually consult the Privacy Policies of these third parties. Studyhub’s Privacy Policy does not apply to, and we cannot control the activities of, these third party advertisers or other sites on the Internet.

Links to other networks

Links to other networks are an integral part of the functionality of the Internet, including our website. Any hyperlink that has a URL from a domain other than in the address bar of your browser is a hyperlink to a page outside of our service. This includes hyperlinks to our service content providers, affiliates, or hyperlinks to third parties that may be linked to Studyhub. These other networks may send their “cookies” to you, collect data, or request personal information. Studyhub cannot guarantee and is not responsible for the content of other networks or pages.

Please note that every time you provide personal information to other networks or pages (for example, via messages or chat), that information may be collected and / or used by people you do not know. Although Studyhub strives to protect our visitors, their personal information, and their privacy, we cannot guarantee the security or privacy of any information that you disclose to other websites, and you do so at your own risk. You should learn about the privacy and security policies and practices of external sites on the Internet before giving them your personal data.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Studyhub is committed to ensuring all data collected is protected across all aspects of our organisation, as per the guidelines set by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as it applies in the Eu, and UK, tailored by the Data Protection Act 2018.

Regardless of your location, any questions, comments and requests related to our Privacy Policy are welcome, and must be handled through our Customer Service team by calling the corresponding telephone number.

How to exterminate, update or delete registry information

As part of using our services, you are responsible for updating the information submitted so that it is current and complete. To update your registration information, please contact an advisor by sending an email to, or from your learning platform, using one of the options in the Contact us link.

Please note that by using our website, you confirm that you agree to this Privacy Policy, which may be amended from time to time. If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy, we ask you please not to use our website, nor the services provided on it. We reserve the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy. We will give advance notice of any changes to this material by any reasonable method including sending an email to your most up-to-date address on the Studyhub website or posting the notice and amended policy on the Studyhub website. Continued use for your part of our website,

Studyhub is dedicated to protecting your personal information and welcomes any comments or questions about this Privacy Policy. If you wish, you can contact our team by sending an email to or, if you are a student, send us your question from the learning platform, using the link “Contact us“.


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