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This Advertising Copywriter course is ideal for

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Career path

As this course comes with multiple courses included as bonus, you will be able to pursue multiple occupations. This Advertising Copywriter is a great way for you to gain multiple skills from the comfort of your home.

Course Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction
Unit 1: Welcome to the Copywriting Course 00:05:00
Unit 2: Course Overview 00:04:00
Section 2: Introduction to Copywriting
Unit 1: What is Copywriting 00:05:00
Unit 2: Elements of Great Copy 00:11:00
Unit 3: Traditional vs Modern Copywriting 00:04:00
Unit 4: Career Options for Copywriters 00:12:00
Unit 5: Job Description and Responsibilities of a Copywriter 00:06:00
Unit 6: Copywriting vs Content Writing: The Difference 00:04:00
Section 3: Core Concepts of Copywriting
Unit 1: What is a Short Form Copy 00:03:00
Unit 2: What is a Long Form Copy 00:02:00
Unit 3: Types of Tones Used for Writing Copy 00:06:00
Unit 4: Which Types of Tone You Should Use 00:07:00
Unit 5: Identifying the Target Audience 00:06:00
Unit 6: Qualities That Will Make You a Successful Copywriter 00:06:00
Section 4: Marketing Tactics to Write Copy That Sells
Unit 1: The Secret to Understand Buyer’s Mindset 00:04:00
Unit 2: Never Make Your Copy Look Like an Ad 00:06:00
Unit 3: 2 Second Hack to Become a Successful Copywriter 00:05:00
Unit 4: Features vs Benefits 00:04:00
Unit 5: The Shocking Truth about Buyers & Customers 00:04:00
Unit 6: So What Test 00:05:00
Unit 7: FOMO: How to Use This Most Powerful Marketing Tool 00:08:00
Unit 8: What’s in It for Me 00:04:00
Unit 9: The Secret to Sell Instantly 00:05:00
Unit 10: Leveraging the Power of Emotions 00:04:00
Section 5: The Copywriting Process: 9 Steps to Make It Easier For You
Unit 1: Steps in the Copywriting Process 00:08:00
Unit 2: Understand the Product 00:06:00
Unit 3: Performing Competitor Analysis 00:12:00
Unit 4: Create a Buyer Persona / Customer Avatar 00:06:00
Unit 5: Writing the copy 00:01:00
Unit 6: Editing the Copy 00:02:00
Unit 7: Adding Design Elements + Media 00:07:00
Unit 8: Publish the Copy + Promotion 00:02:00
Unit 9: Checking the Conversion from Copy – Measuring Results 00:03:00
Section 6: Copywriting Formulas
Unit 1: AIDA: The 4 Step Formula 00:05:00
Unit 2: Storytelling: Best Tool for Converting Readers into Buyers 00:05:00
Unit 3: 3 STEP Formula: PAS 00:06:00
Section 7: Headlines
Unit 1: Section Introduction 00:01:00
Unit 2: Intro to Headlines 00:07:00
Unit 3: Importance of Headlines 00:03:00
Unit 4: Formula to Write Amazing Headlines (Everytime) 00:09:00
Unit 5: How to Use This Formula (With Examples) 00:02:00
Unit 6: Free Tool to Create Attractive Headlines 00:03:00
Unit 7: Practice Exercise 00:01:00
Section 8: 6 Hacks to Write Headlines That Readers Cannot Resist
Unit 1: Section Intro 00:02:00
Unit 2: Headline Hack # 1 00:01:00
Unit 3: Headline Hack # 2 00:02:00
Unit 4: Headline Hack # 3 00:02:00
Unit 5: Headline Hack # 4 00:04:00
Unit 6: Headline Hack # 5 00:02:00
Unit 7: Headline Hack # 6 00:03:00
Unit 8: Quick Recap 00:01:00
Section 9: Creating the Copy
Unit 1: Creating Call to Actions (CTA) That Reader’s Cannot Resist 00:04:00
Unit 2: Focus on the Customer 00:06:00
Unit 3: How to Write a Conversational Copy 00:03:00
Section 10: Hacks & Tips
Unit 1: Collect Winning Pieces 00:04:00
Unit 2: 3 Extremely Powerful Words That You Must Use in a Copy 00:02:00
Unit 3: Using Customer’s Words 00:05:00
Section 11: Practice Exercises
Unit 1: Recreate Ads 00:01:00
Unit 2: Record Your Copy 00:02:00
Section 12: Conclusion
Unit 1: Conclusion 00:01:00
Resources – Advertising Copywriter 00:00:00
Assignment – Advertising Copywriter 00:00:00

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