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This Digital Forensics for Cyber Professionals course is ideal for

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Career path

As this course comes with multiple courses included as bonus, you will be able to pursue multiple occupations. This Digital Forensics for Cyber Professionals is a great way for you to gain multiple skills from the comfort of your home.

Course Curriculum

Course Overview
Course Overview 00:06:00
Building Your Forensics Lab Environment Using VirtualBox
Lab – Installing CSI Linux 00:13:00
Lab – Creating a Kali Live (Forensic Mode) VM Using VirtualBox 00:06:00
Lab – Create a Virtual Install Kali Image Using VirtualBox 00:07:00
Lab – Create Virtual Install of Windows 10 Using VirtualBox 00:08:00
Install Additional Tool Using Katoolin3 00:10:00
Using Kali Forensic Mode and Autopsy
Lab – Simulate Creating a Disk Image for a Forensic Analysis 00:11:00
Lab – Examining a forensic Disk Image Using Autopsy 00:12:00
Digital Forensics Case Management
Lab -Digital Forensics Using Autopsy Part I 00:11:00
Lab – Digital Forensics Using Autopsy Part II 00:07:00
Lab – Installing the WebMap-Nmap Dashboard 00:12:00
Open-source intelligence (OSINT)
Lab – Conducting OSINT Using CSI Linux Investigator 00:08:00
Lab – Find Social Media Accounts Using Sherlock 00:07:00
Computer Forensics
Attaching an External USB Device in Kali 00:07:00
Lab – Memory Forensics Using the Volatility Framework 00:18:00
Lab – Acquiring a Forensic Copy of the Windows Registry 00:15:00
Lab – Analyzing the Windows Registry for Evidence 00:14:00
Using Shodan to Search for Vulnerable devices
Lab – Preparing CSI Investigator to Use Shodan 00:05:00
Lab – Using Shodan to Find Vulnerable Devices 00:16:00
Lab – Using Shodan to Search for Vulnerable Databases 00:08:00
Lab – Using the EXIFtool to Read and Write EXIF Tags 00:11:00
Using the EXIFtool to Read and Write EXIF Tags 00:10:00
Network forensics Using Wireshark
Overview of Wireshark 3.2 00:11:00
Wireshark Capture Options 00:07:00
Wireshark Toolbar Icons 00:04:00
Lab – Capturing a 3-way TCP Handshake Using Wireshark 00:05:00
Lab – Installing a Wireless Adapter in Kali 00:09:00
Lab – Hacking a Wireless Network Using Kali Linux 00:14:00
Capturing Wireless Traffic Using Wireshark 00:05:00
Practice What You Have learned
Lab – CTF Lab Build for HA: Forensics 00:11:00
Lab – Capture flag #1 00:12:00
Lab – Capture flag #2 00:10:00
Lab – Capture flag #3 00:20:00
Lab – Capture flag #4 00:09:00
Assignment – Digital Forensics for Cyber Professionals 00:00:00

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