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The Introduction to Computers and Internet for Beginners is ideal for anyone looking to build their computer literacy for their professional development. Ideal for students, teachers and professionals, you will gain basic knowledge of how computers work and how to navigate the internet.

Not only will you build your confidence in working on IT-based tasks, but you will increase your internet security awareness, learn how to store your files, and gain a wide range of transferable skills needed to work in any office-based role.

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Who is this course for?

This Introduction to Computers and Internet for Beginners does not require you to have any prior qualifications or experience. You can just enrol and start learning. 


This Introduction to Computers and Internet for Beginners was made by professionals and it is compatible with all PC’s, Mac’s, tablets and smartphones. You will be able to access the course from anywhere at any time as long as you have a good enough internet connection.

Career path

As this course comes with multiple courses included as bonus, you will be able to pursue multiple occupations. This Introduction to Computers and Internet for Beginners is a great way for you to gain multiple skills from the comfort of your home.

Course Curriculum

Module 01 : Computer Operating and Troubleshooting
What is an Operating System 00:48:00
Configuring the Operating System 00:06:00
What is an Application 00:10:00
Using Control Panel 00:18:00
Hardware and Peripherals 00:07:00
Storage 00:12:00
Connectivity Devices 00:05:00
Network Components 00:09:00
Software and Concepts 00:11:00
Licensing 00:06:00
Using Software 00:07:00
Software Tools 00:10:00
Software 00:14:00
Hardware, Devices, and Peripherals 00:06:00
Backup and Restore 00:03:00
Module 02 : Internet and Computing - Key Applications
Application Features 01:21:00
Working with Word Processing 00:44:00
Working with Spreadsheets 00:49:00
Making a Presentation 01:08:00
Databases 00:34:00
Collaboration 00:03:00
Module 03 : Internet and Computing - Tools & Networking
Course Introduction 00:02:00
Web Browsers 00:47:00
Networking Terminology 00:35:00
E-mail 00:38:00
Communicating in the Modern World 00:14:00
Protecting Yourself 00:15:00
Web Searching 00:31:00
Protecting Yourself 00:31:00
Module 04 : Windows 8 for PC
Identify Components of a Personal Computer IPU 00:08:00
Sign In to Windows 8 00:07:00
Signing In to Windows 8 and Managing Tiles 00:08:00
Navigate the Start Screen 00:18:00
Using the Account ID Menu 00:02:00
Access and Identify the Charms 00:03:00
Viewing the Charms 00:02:00
Modern Apps and Common Navigation Features 00:03:00
Navigating a Modern App 00:07:00
Multitasking with Apps 00:05:00
Working with Multiple Apps 00:05:00
Navigate the Desktop IPU 00:07:00
Navigating The desktop 00:07:00
Manage Files and Folders with File Explorer IPU 00:09:00
Managing Files and Folders 00:15:00
Elements of a Desktop Window 00:12:00
Working with the Elements of a Desktop Window 00:10:00
Creating and Modifying Files with Wordpad 00:14:00
Printing a Document 00:05:00
Navigate Internet Explorer 10 00:08:00
Navigating Internet Explorer 10 00:09:00
Browse the Web 00:12:00
Using Internet Explorer and Share 00:08:00
Customize the Start Screen 00:07:00
Creating Groups on the Start Screen 00:03:00
Changing PC Setting 00:07:00
Customize the Desktop IPU 00:09:00
Personalizing the Desktop 00:11:00
Set Privacy Levels and Passwords 00:05:00
Changing Your Password 00:05:00
Use Windows Defender IPU 00:05:00
Changing Windows Defender Settings 00:06:00
Store and Share Files with SkyDrive 00:03:00
Module 05 : Windows 10 - New Developments
What Makes Windows 10 Different? 00:14:00
Primary Feature Overview 00:14:00
Navigating and Using Windows 10 00:36:00
Module 06 : Cyber Security Awareness
Course Overview 00:14:00
Types of Security Threats 00:29:00
Social Engineering 00:30:00
Identity Theft 00:29:00
Data Classification 00:28:00
Types of Classifications 00:18:00
Protecting Your Digital Information 00:45:00
Password Management 00:13:00
Malware 00:17:00
Software Detection 00:28:00
Security from End-to-End 00:27:00
Secure E-mail Use 00:21:00
Secure Web Browsing 00:29:00
Piracy 00:16:00
Security Policies 00:17:00
Moving Forward 00:12:00

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