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Career path

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Course Curriculum

Course Introduction
Introduction 00:04:00
Course Curriculum Overview 00:05:00
Overview of Databases 00:10:00
SQL Environment Setup
MySQL Installation 00:16:00
MySQL Workbench Installation 00:09:00
Connecting to MySQL using Console 00:09:00
SQL Statement Basics
Overview of Challenges 00:04:00
SQL Statement Basic 00:16:00
SELECT Statement 00:09:00
Column AS Statement 00:12:00
COUNT built-in Method usage 00:11:00
SELECT WHERE Clause – Part One 00:05:00
SELECT WHERE Clause – Part Two 00:11:00
SQL Statement Basic 00:16:00
SQL Limit Clause Statement 00:09:00
SQL Using BETWEEN with Same Column Data 00:11:00
How to Apply IN Operator 00:11:00
Wildcard Characters with LIKE and ILIKE 00:11:00
GROUP BY Statements
Overview of GROUP BY 00:06:00
Aggregation function SUM() 00:09:00
Aggregation MIN() and MAX() 00:05:00
GROUP BY – One 00:09:00
GROUP BY – Two 00:12:00
HAVING Clause 00:05:00
Overview of JOINS 00:04:00
Introduction to JOINS 00:04:00
AS Statement table 00:03:00
INNER Joins 00:14:00
FULL Outer Join 00:11:00
LEFT Outer JOIN 00:08:00
RIGHT JOIN 00:08:00
Union 00:07:00
Advanced SQL Commands / Statements
Timestamps 00:12:00
EXTRACT from timestamp 00:10:00
Mathematical Functions 00:12:00
String Functions 00:22:00
SUBQUERY 00:13:00
Creating Database and Tables
Basic of Database and Tables 00:06:00
DataTypes 00:10:00
Primarykey and Foreignkey 00:06:00
Create Table in SQL Script 00:13:00
Insert 00:11:00
Update 00:07:00
Delete 00:04:00
Alter Table 00:09:00
Drop Table 00:05:00
NOT NULL Constraint 00:08:00
UNIQUE Constraint 00:09:00
Databases and Tables
Creating a Database backup 00:12:00
10a Overview of Databases and Tables 00:05:00
10c Restoring a Database 00:07:00

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