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This Start A T-Shirt Business course is ideal for

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This Start A T-Shirt Business does not require you to have any prior qualifications or experience. You can just enrol and start learning.This Start A T-Shirt Business was made by professionals and it is compatible with all PC’s, Mac’s, tablets and smartphones. You will be able to access the course from anywhere at any time as long as you have a good enough internet connection.

Career path

As this course comes with multiple courses included as bonus, you will be able to pursue multiple occupations. This Start A T-Shirt Business is a great way for you to gain multiple skills from the comfort of your home.

Course Curriculum

Section 01: Introduction to the T-Shirt Business
Welcome to the Course! 00:05:00
Start A T-Shirt Business | Course Overview 00:04:00
Section 02: How to Purchase T-shirt Designs
Purchasing T-Shirt Designs | Section Overview 00:02:00
The Cheapest & Fastest Place to Purchase Shirt Designs! 00:08:00
Get Pre-Vetted Freelancers to Create Your Shirt Designs 00:04:00
Hold a Contest for Freelancers to Create Your T-Shirt Design 00:05:00
Section 03: How to Create Your Own T-shirt Designs for Free
How to Create T-Shirt Designs | Section Overview 00:02:00
Download This FREE Photo Editor to Create & Edit Designs 00:04:00
Get Text & Font For Your Designs…For Free! 00:04:00
My Favorite Place to Get Royalty Free Images 00:02:00
Become a Member Here to Access Thousands of Images for Your Designs 00:03:00
Create & Export Your First Completed T-Shirt Design! 00:05:00
Section 04: Create T-Shirt Designs Fast With Templates
Placeit T-shirt Design Maker | Access 5000+ Design Templates 00:08:00
Canva T-shirt Designer | Access T-Shirt Design Templates, Images, Fonts & More! 00:07:00
Section 05: Market Research, Keywords & Trademarks for Your T-shirt Business
Market Research, Keywords & Trademarks | Section Overview 00:02:00
Selecting A Niche | Create Your Niche List 00:02:00
Market Research | Check Market Trends & Demand 00:04:00
Market Research | What Is Already Selling? 00:06:00
Create A Keyword List | Keyword Research for SEO 00:04:00
Spy on Your Competitors Keywords | What Is Already Working? 00:03:00
How to Search ‘Buyer’ Keywords from Amazon 00:02:00
Trademarks & Copyright Research | Avoid Future Issues 00:05:00
Section 06: Getting Started on Merch by Amazon
Getting Started on Merch by Amazon 00:02:00
Merch by Amazon | Platform Overview 00:04:00
Applying For Merch by Amazon | Request Invitation 00:09:00
Uploading Designs to Merch by Amazon 00:08:00
GIMP 2.10 for Merch by Amazon (Updated 2021) 00:09:00
Tiering Up on Merch by Amazon 00:10:00
Section 07: Getting Started on Spring (Teespring)
Getting Started on Teespring | Section Overview 00:02:00
Create Your Teespring Account | Signup & Settings 00:04:00
Teespring Dashboard | Platform Overview 00:04:00
Build Your Teespring Storefront | Banner, Avatar & More 00:12:00
Upload Designs to Teespring | Edit Products & Publish Listings 00:06:00
6 Ways to Optimize Your Product Listings on Teespring 00:16:00
Teespring Analytics Tracking | Connect Google Analytics 00:06:00
Teespring Conversion Tracking | Facebook Pixel Example 00:10:00
Create Discount Codes | Teespring Promotions 00:08:00
Section 08: Getting Started on Redbubble
Getting Started on Redbubble | Section Overview 00:02:00
Build Your Redbubble Shop | Banner, Avatar & Artist Bio 00:06:00
Redbubble | Upload Your First Design & Publish Your Product Listing 00:06:00
Tags & Keywords | Optimize Your Redbubble Listings 00:06:00
Create Collections | Organize Your Redbubble Shop 00:04:00
How to Select Default Product Views On Redbubble 00:07:00
Redbubble Markups | Edit Your Product Pricing 00:04:00
Connect Google Analytics to Redbubble 00:05:00
Section 09: Other Marketplaces & Platforms for Your Shirt Designs
CafePress | Getting Started on CafePress 00:05:00
TeePublic | Getting Started on TeePublic 00:02:00
Zazzle | Getting Started on Zazzle 00:03:00
Spreadshirt | Getting Started on Spreadshirt 00:03:00
FunnyShirts | Getting Started on FunnyShirts 00:03:00
Section 10: Free Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Designs
Free Marketing Strategies | Section Overview 00:01:00
Listing Optimization | SEO, Keywords & Quality 00:01:00
Facebook Marketing | Strategies to Promote for Free on Facebook 00:08:00
Instagram Marketing | Building Your Instagram Brand Page 00:04:00
Pinterest Marketing | Marketing Your Brand with Pinterest 00:03:00
Section 11: Paid Promotion Strategies | Create Ads for Your Designs
Paid Promotion Strategies | Section Overview 00:02:00
Create Mock-Ups for Your Ads | Get High Quality Photo or Video Mockups 00:06:00
Facebook Post Boost | Boost Your Facebook Post to Increase Engagement 00:04:00
Facebook Targeted Ads | Custom Audience & Targeted Ads 00:13:00
Google Ads | Create Targeted Ads on Google & YouTube 00:05:00
Section 12: Thanks for Joining!
Bonus Lecture 00:03:00
Assignment – Start A T-Shirt Business 00:00:00

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