Say you want to retire in 20 years, buy a home in 10 years, and send your child to a top university in 5. To achieve these benchmarks, you will require financial expertise or financial advising skills. 

Financial advising skills are beneficial not just for individual matters but also for professional advancement. With high-end financial advising skills, you can work for any leading business — evaluating financial health, advising on investments, making financial plans, eliminating financial risk and whatnot. So what are you waiting for? Take this Wealth Manager course today to gain financial advising expertise. 

This course will walk you through the fundamentals of finance. From learning financial planning to understanding wealth management, this course strives to give you the most enriching learning experience possible. Moreover, you will learn how to make personal financial statements and use Google Analytics. 

With this course, you will also get to know about investment planning, as well as financial risk assessment and management. By the end of this course, you will be able to develop the skill set of a professional Wealth Manager. 

So, enrol in this Wealth Manager course today and gear up to understand your financial health. 

What skills you will gain:

  • A detailed understanding of the intricacies of finance.
  • Maestro of the fundamental Wealth Manager skill sets.
  • A solid perspective of financial planning.
  • Thorough knowledge of wealth management.
  • Proficiency in making personal financial statements.
  • Familiarity with financial risk assessment and management.
  • A firm understanding of investment planning. 
  • Adequate comprehension of how to use Google Analytics.

Why buy this Wealth Manager?

  1. Unlimited access to the course for forever
  2. Digital Certificate, Transcript, student ID all included in the price
  3. Absolutely no hidden fees
  4. Directly receive CPD accredited qualifications after course completion
  5. Receive one to one assistance on every weekday from professionals
  6. Immediately receive the PDF certificate after passing
  7. Receive the original copies of your certificate and transcript on the next working day
  8. Easily learn the skills and knowledge from the comfort of your home


After studying the course materials of the Wealth Manager there will be a written assignment test which you can take either during or at the end of the course. After successfully passing the test you will be able to claim the pdf certificate for free. Original Hard Copy certificates need to be ordered at an additional cost of £8.

Who is this course for?

This Wealth Manager training is suitable for —

  • Students
  • Recent graduates
  • Job Seekers
  • Anyone interested in financial advising
  • Individuals who are already employed in the relevant sectors and wish to enhance their knowledge and expertise.


To participate in this Wealth Manager course, all you need is —

  • A smart device
  • A secure internet connection
  • And a keen interest in financial advising.

Career path

This Wealth Manager course will assist you in establishing a solid foundation in the field of finance and several fascinating job possibilities, such as —

  • Finance Advisor
  • Finance Analyst
  • Financial Confiscator 
  • Financial Investigator

In the United Kingdom, these positions pay an average of £20,000 to £65,000 a year.

Course Curriculum

Module 01: Introduction to Finance
Introduction to Finance 00:23:00
Module 02: Essential Skill for Financial Advisor
Essential Skills for Financial Advisors 00:34:00
Module 03: Financial Planning
Financial Planning 00:37:00
Module 04: Wealth Management and Guide to Make Personal Financial Statements
Wealth Management and Guide to Make Personal Financial Statements 00:18:00
Module 05: Financial Risk Management and Assessment
Financial Risk Management and Assessment 00:31:00
Module 06: Investment Planning
Investment Planning 00:25:00
Module 07: Divorce Planning
Divorce Planning 00:26:00
Module 08: Google Analytics for Financial Advisors
Google Analytics for Financial Advisor 00:26:00
Assignment – Wealth Manager 00:00:00

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