Administrative Manager: Responsibilities, Skills & How to become

Are you exploring your career options? And did you just stumble upon the question ‘How to become an administrative manager?’ Well, that’s not surprising. After all, many youngsters and experienced professionals today are considering this career path. Because job opportunities are ample in this field, and the benefits are numerous. 

So if you are considering this route of work too, stay with us. We got everything on how to become an administrative manager covered for you.

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Who is an Administrative Manager?

Administrative managers are the officials who help their organisations to operate successfully. And they do so by planning and overseeing a wide range of services. These services include coordinating the operations of several departments. In addition, admin managers also combine distribution, information, and other services. But, most importantly, they ensure the synergy of the organisation.               

Generally, administrative managers arrange schedules, maintain payroll and personnel databases. Additionally, they create reports and do other clerical duties. Therefore, this role requires a significant extent of communication and collaboration with others. 

What are The Responsibilities of an Administrative Service Manager?

To learn how to become an administrative manager, let’s begin with the common responsibilities of one. An administrative manager takes responsibility for all the administrative services of any company. And the specific job responsibilities vary from organisation to organisation.

Responsibilities of Administrative Manager

Some major responsibilities of an administrative manager are given in the following- 

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  • Directing the admin service operations of a company 
  • Assessing, implementing, improving, and reviewing departmental activities 
  • Supervising activities of other clerical and administrative officials
  • Recruiting, training and supervising the new staffs  
  • Fixing meeting schedules and deadlines for the company 
  • Preparing and studying various sorts of operational reports at regular intervals
  • Facilitating regular clerical duties. For example- copying, sending e-mails and communicating with clients                      
  • Organising small to large scale events and provide assistance 
  • Purchasing necessary office equipment and supplies, as needed
  • Assisting with payroll management and personnel databases in the HR Department


These are the common responsibilities of an average administrative professional. However, you’re the one who’ll need to figure how to become an administrative manager at your particular workplace. To explain, this will depend on your office, employer, and your specific role.


Administrative Management
Easily learn the skills and knowledge you desire in Management with our Administrative Management.
Administrative Management
Easily learn the skills and knowledge you desire in Management with our Administrative Management.

What are the Requirements to be an Administrative Manager? 

Now comes the next part to answer how to become an administrative manager. And that is, what are the common requirements? Evidently, the main requirements to be an administrative officer include education, training and certification. They are briefly explained below-  

what degree is required for an administrative services manager

Educational Qualifications  

The educational requirements and pathways can vary from place to place in this field. 

For example, some administrative managers begin their work just after graduating from high school. And after you gain a significant amount of leadership experience, you can start working in important managerial roles.

Administrative Manager QualificationsBut the most common practice is to earn a bachelor’s degree in business-related faculty. The more accepted degrees include business administration, finance, management, accounting, etc.  

These major subjects give aspiring administrative professionals various relevant skills. Some examples are training in financial management, operation management, computer expertise, etc. However, you can take a double major in areas such as finance and marketing together. 

Finally, some professionals pursue a master’s degree after completing their bachelor’s. These advanced studies help managers develop critical leadership and strategic planning skills. And this also helps them get a deeper understanding of core business processes. 

Training and Experience 

Many administrative managers begin their professional training with a college internship. In addition, these internships provide them with practical experience in managerial practices. 

Training and Experience

After graduation, most administrative managers work in trainee positions first. With experience in the administrative sector, they advance to senior roles. 

In the meantime, they familiarise themselves with the key office functions. Some examples are- monitoring supplies, managing finances, and assisting employees. In addition, working with a mentor can ensure better training for future professionals.

Certifications and Recognitions 

Administration managers need certification to prove their knowledge and skills as administrative professionals. You can explore and find what’s best for you. To begin with, check what Studyhub has to offer. The certifications in administrative management, management accounting, and supply chain management can truly level up your career. 

Such training will help you gain an understanding of important office skills. You will get certificates after completing the online courses and passing the tests. 

Note: Obtaining recognition is usually voluntary. However, it can be beneficial for you if you want career advancement and reach top administrative positions. However, these certifications can be mandatory for you if you do not have a bachelor’s degree. 

What are the Key Skills for an Administrative Manager? 

Now, let’s learn how to become an administrative manager with the essential qualities. Businesses often search for the following skills when recruiting an administrative professional:

  • Communication Skills: Good communication skills are irreplaceable for administrative managers. They frequently communicate with executives, staff, vendors, and potential clients. Moreover, they may have to work with other employees. Hence, communication skills are indispensable in general. 
  • Leadership Qualities: Leadership quality is quintessential to motivate and support your team.
  • Organisational skills: Administrative managers rely on their organisational skills to manage different administrative tasks effectively. 

administrative services manager skills

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  • Attention to Detail: Attention to detail helps prepare accurate reports and error-free documents. Moreover, this quality is necessary for identifying mistakes in departmental tasks.  
  • Understanding of Good Administrative Practices: Admin managers must understand what is best for their company. And accordingly, they can plan for ultimate efficiency. Moreover, they have to train their subordinates to do the same. 
  • Computer Expertise: Being tech-savvy is a must for an administrative manager. They must be comfortable using office software. Some examples are- word processing, enterprise resource planning, database, and accounting software. Mastering these are essential to performing administrative works efficiently. 


These are some of the main skills all good administrative managers need. A combination of all these skills helps them to solve problems easily and bring efficiency to the organisation.



Administrative Management
Easily learn the skills and knowledge you desire in Management with our Administrative Management.
Administrative Management
Easily learn the skills and knowledge you desire in Management with our Administrative Management.

How to Become an Administrative Manager (Step-by-Step)

If you want to be in an administrative manager’s position, a combination of education and experience can help you. If you want to know how to be an administrative manager, this step-by-step guide below can help you.  

Step 1: Earn Necessary Degrees

Administrative officers usually have a bachelor’s degree. However, admin officers can come from a different range of educational qualifications. In other words, they can range from high school graduates to master’s degree holders. So, you will have to achieve the necessary degrees first to apply as an administrative manager. 

administration manager job qualifications

Get Your High School Degree 

One can become an administrative manager with a high school degree if he has enough experience. So, you may earn some additional courses and certificates if you don’t plan on pursuing a bachelor’s degree. In addition, you might consider achieving an office management certification. Because, this can radically increase your chances of getting a job. 

Earn a Bachelor’s Degree

You might have noticed that most admin managers do bachelor’s degrees in a business-based discipline. For example, facility management or business administration are two popular choices. 

Basically, if you intend to work for larger companies as an admin manager, they expect a bachelor’s degree. For this, you can complete undergraduate education in business administration. You can choose an area of concentration of your choice. Such as-

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  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Human resources
  • Management


All of these subjects are useful for administrative management. In essence, these degrees will teach you the skills to be an admin professional and leader.   

Consider Pursuing a Master’s Degree

While not a must, some administrative managers obtain a higher degree in their own discipline. Firstly, a master’s degree can help you to become an administrator with less working experience. Eventually, you will secure working as a director of administrative services. Moreover, educational institutions prefer administrative managers with master’s degrees.   

Step 2: Develop the Necessary Experience

So, how to become an administrative manager with the relevant experience? There are some definitive answers to that. You can build up the managerial skills which are necessary to succeed in this career by doing-

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  • Internships
  • Apprenticeship 
  • Entry-level jobs 


office management and effective administration skills training

Also, administrative managers need to-

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  • Develop excellent communication skills
  • Be confident at work 
  • Demonstrate leadership skills 
  • Maintain friendly appearance 
  • Have a good work ethic 


Training and Skill Development 

Training and development can give you a better chance to secure a managerial position. So, you can join this Administrative Management course to improve your odds. This will help you achieve an understanding of admin works and build confidence.

Step 3: Apply for an Appropriate Position

Do you hold a bachelor’s degree in a related field? Then you have good prospects for any entry-level position as an administrative manager. A four-year undergraduate program with an internship or entry-level training grooms candidates adequately. Eventually, this helps them earn the necessary knowledge and skills, which recruiters often ask for.

administrative services manager

So, you may look for positions at a variety of facilities after graduation. Apply in schools, healthcare facilities, or your preferred place of employment. 

Build an Attractive Resume  

Spend time creating a resume that will represent you the most. To stand out – 

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  • Prepare your resume to match the position you are applying for 
  • Include your contact information correctly 
  • Choose proper layout and format 
  • Use simple words and sentences 
  • Keep your resume clear and concise
  • Limit your resume to two pages
  • Be honest about yourself 
  • Highlight your achievements 
  • Include voluntary works that prove your skills
  • Add a convincing cover letter
  • Double-check the resume 


Keep Updating Your Resume

Update your resume at regular intervals. The better your resume, the higher your chances are of getting selected for the job. In addition, adding your recent qualifications and experience will help you grow. Moreover, it will assist your transition to a managerial role. Therefore, on getting a new skill or a certification, update your resume immediately.  

Step 4: Pursue Career Advancement

Like every other professional, admin managers have a career ladder to climb. They move on to better managerial positions with time and experience. Also, some join large companies to get increased pay, benefits, and other facilities. 

Pursue Career Advancement

For career advancement, first, acquire some work experience and build friendly contacts. Networking with top management and other administrative managers can help you move ahead. 

Secondly, a master’s degree is useful for career advancement and getting opportunities. You can move up to the top position with this degree. Thirdly, an experienced admin manager can start his own management consulting firm. Then from there, he can provide services to different companies on a contract basis. Finally, always seek ways to improve your career and reach a better position.   

Administrative Manager Work Environment

Administrative managers work in various types of offices across a wide range of industries. The most common places to find administrative managers are-

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  • Educational Institutions
  • Manufacturing and technical service businesses 
  • Insurance agencies and firms
  • Local and state governments 


administrative services manager work environment

You will spend most of your time working at your office desk. However, you may spend time in other parts of your employers’ facilities. Additionally, you will have to work inspecting off-site facilities.

Administrative works are usually full-time, with regular weekends and business hours. However, some specialised administrative officials even need to work out of business hours.  

Who is the Best Fit for the Administrative Manager Position?   

Becoming an administrative manager can be truly rewarding for you if you match some criteria. Meanwhile, you have learned how to become an administrative manager. Now, check out the following list of qualities. This will eventually help you decide if becoming an administrative manager will be fruitful for you. 

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  • This job is most suitable for those who like to work on projects. 
  • Candidates who have a great understanding of the business processes are great fits.
  • Job seekers who love a friendly and non-competitive work environment fit this position well. 


Administrative Manager Position

However, you shouldn’t be opting for this job if- 

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  • You don’t want to deal with different kinds of problems regularly. 
  • This job is not for the ones who are not interested in working with technology.
  • People who want to work in a creative field may rethink before applying for this job. 
  • A candidate without good analytical skills and active communication skills is unlikely to be a good fit.


Administrative Management
Easily learn the skills and knowledge you desire in Management with our Administrative Management.
Administrative Management
Easily learn the skills and knowledge you desire in Management with our Administrative Management.

The Bottom Line 

Demand for jobs in administrative management has been increasing day by day. So, there is strong competition for this profile in the job market. Furthermore, more people are wondering how to become an administrative manager every day. 

what is the triple bottom line administrative managment

If you want to become an administrative manager, staying ahead in the competition is the way to go. And you can do that by getting the required education, skills and necessary training. To learn more about how to become an administrative manager, click here!

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