30 Entry-Level High Paying Jobs Without Experience & Degree in the UK

Everyone dreams of a good job, right? Imagine a job that pays well but doesn’t ask for a degree or experience. Sounds fantastic! Well, it’s possible in the UK. You don’t always need fancy papers or years of work behind you. There are high paying jobs with no experience required. Let’s dive in!

Are you searching for high paying jobs no experience and degrees in the UK?


First, there are easy high paying jobs with no experience required. Yes, they exist! You don’t have to sweat all day to earn a good wage. For instance, some sales roles don’t need prior experience.


Next, Best high paying jobs with no experience? They’re out there too! Maybe you’ve just left school, or you’re changing careers. Don’t worry! Jobs like customer service can welcome you. Also, think about entry-level tech roles. They sometimes offer training on the job.


Now, dream of working in pyjamas? The best jobs from home await you. These days, remote work is booming. They promise flexibility. Jobs like virtual assistance can be both comfy and well-paid. Furthermore, jobs such as online tutoring can be rewarding.


But what about good paying jobs without degrees? It’s a valid question. The answer: roles like a train driver or postal worker. They can offer solid pay. Moreover, construction or estate agents might be another answer. These roles value skills over degrees.


In fact, high paying jobs no experience or without a degree are not myths. For example, some creative jobs like photography are more about talent. 


And if you’re looking for interesting high paying jobs no experience, look no further. Event planning or personal shopping might tickle your fancy.


Lastly, if you’re after the best paying part-time jobs, consider roles in hospitality. Bartending or waiting tables during peak times can add up!


So, the UK’s job market has something for everyone. You can find high paying jobs no experience or degrees. Hence, all you need is passion and the drive to learn. Good luck!

30 Entry-Level High Paying Jobs Without Experience & Degree in the UK

Many believe that a degree is essential for a high-paying job. That’s not always true.  Moreover, numerous high paying jobs no experience or degree in the UK. However, imagine working from your cosy home or even part-time, and still earning well. But you’d be surprised how easy it is to find such roles. Many of the job search sites such as Jooble offer a wide range of entry-level opportunities both in London and throughout the entire UK. Thus, from content writing to gardening, the list is diverse, offering something for everyone.

Data Entry Specialist

Average Salary: £20,000-£25,000.

Data entry specialists are primarily responsible for transferring large volumes of information into computer systems, ensuring the data is accurate, and categorising and organising this information efficiently.

Example: Inputting handwritten survey results from a market research project into a digital spreadsheet.

Graphic Designer

Average Salary: £21,000-£27,000.

Graphic Designer designs visual content tailored to client requirements. However, this can include branding materials, promotional content, or digital assets.

Example: Creating a series of themed promotional posters for a summer festival.

Virtual Assistant

Average Salary: £19,000-£24,000.

Virtual Assistant provides remote administrative support, managing diaries, booking appointments, and handling email correspondence.

Example: Organising a weekly schedule for a busy entrepreneur, ensuring no double bookings.

Content Writer

Average Salary: £20,000-£26,000.

Content Writer drafts written content for various platforms, ensuring it’s engaging, informative, and tailored to the target audience.

Example: Crafting a series of blog posts about sustainable living practices for an eco-friendly website.

Online Tutor

Average Salary: £15-£30 per hour.

Online tutors educate students in a virtual environment, prepare lesson materials, and offer personalised feedback. 

Example: Offering weekly online math lessons to high school students preparing for exams.

Web Developer

Average Salary: £22,000-£30,000.

Web Developers design, create, and maintain websites. Moreover, ensures they’re user-friendly, responsive, and functional across devices.

For Example: Building an online portfolio site for a freelance photographer.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Average Salary: £22,000-£28,000. 

Digital marketing specialist drives online traffic, manages advertising campaigns, analyses web analytics, and devises strategies to improve online engagement. 

For Example: Setting up a Google AdWords campaign for a new e-commerce shoe store.


Average Salary: £20,000-£25,000.

Copywriter drafts compelling content for advertising, ensuring it resonates with the target demographic and drives engagement. 

Example: Crafting the text for an email marketing campaign for a winter coat sale.

Customer Service Representative

Average Salary: £18,000-£23,000.

Customer service representatives address client queries, handle complaints, provide information, and ensure overall customer satisfaction.

Example: Assisting a customer over the phone to troubleshoot an issue with a product they’ve purchased.

E-commerce Manager

Average Salary: £24,000-£30,000.

The E-commerce Manager oversees online sales operations, manages product listings, tracks analytics, and strategies promotional efforts.

For Example: Launching a holiday promotion and coordinating the marketing efforts around it.

Travel Agent

Average Salary: £16,000-£22,000.

Travel Agents customise travel plans for clients, book accommodations and flights, and provide tailored travel advice.

Example: Crafting a 10-day tour package for a family visiting European historical sites.

Online Sales Representative

Average Salary: £19,000-£25,000.

Online sales representatives promote and sell products or services online, maintaining client relationships and meeting sales targets.

Example: Demonstrating a software’s features via a live online webinar to potential clients.

Event Planner

Average Salary: £20,000-£27,000. 

Event Planner coordinates the details of events such as conferences, weddings, or birthdays, managing budgets, venues, and suppliers. 

Example: Organising a corporate end-of-year gala, coordinating catering, entertainment, and venue setup.

Personal Trainer

Average Salary: £20-£40 per session.

Personal trainers devise personalised fitness plans, guide workouts, offer dietary guidance, and track clients’ progress. 

Example: Assisting a client to achieve a marathon run within six months.


Average Salary: £20,000-£30,000.

Translators accurately translate written materials while retaining context, tone, and meaning.

Example: Translating a French legal document into English for a law firm.


Average Salary: £18,000-£25,000. 

Photographers capture high-quality photos, edit images to enhance visual appeal, and often manage client relationships or bookings. 

Example: Conducting a product photoshoot for a new online jewellery store, ensuring the best lighting and angles.


Average Salary: Varied; depends on traffic and ads. 

Blogger consistently creates engaging and relevant content for readers, promotes the blog, and responds to reader feedback. 

Example: Writing a series on “10 Best Vegan Recipes” and promoting it through social media channels.

Real Estate Agent

Average Salary: £20,000 + commission. 

Real estate agents assist clients in buying, selling, or renting properties, understanding market trends, and negotiating deals. 

Example: Guiding a family through the purchase of their first home, from house viewing to final paperwork.

Freelance Journalist

Average Salary: £15-£50 per article.

Freelance Journalists research stories, conduct interviews, write articles, and pitch to various media outlets. 

Example: Covering a local community event and selling the story to a national newspaper.

Graphic Illustrator

Average Salary: £20,000-£26,000. 

Graphic Illustrator drawing or digitally creating illustrations for various mediums like books, advertisements, or magazines. 

Example: Illustrating a series of images for a children’s fairy tale book.

Stock Trader

Average Salary: Varied; based on performance. 

Stock traders buy and sell stocks, analyse market data, and advise clients or firms on investment strategies. 

Example: Analysing market trends and investing in emerging tech stocks expected to surge.

Pet Sitter

Average Salary: £10-£20 per hour. 

Pet sitter takes care of pets while owners are away, which includes feeding, walking, and ensuring their well-being. 

Example: Caring for two dogs and a fish tank during a family’s two-week holiday.

Etsy Seller

Average Salary: Varied; based on sales. 

Etsy seller crafts unique, often handmade items, manages an online storefront and handles customer inquiries and shipments. 

Example: Producing and selling custom hand-painted mugs for holiday gifts.


Average Salary: £20,000-£25,000. 

Nutritionists advise clients on diet, creating tailored meal plans, and sometimes tracking client progress. 

Example: Guiding an athlete on a diet plan to optimise performance during a competition season.


Average Salary: £17,000-£22,000. 

Telemarketers make calls to potential customers to promote products or services, address queries, and close sales. 

Example: Introducing a new credit card offer to potential customers over the phone.

Podcast Producer

Average Salary: £21,000-£28,000.

Podcast producer overseeing the recording, editing, and promotion of podcast episodes and coordinating with guests.

Example: Producing a monthly podcast series on environmental conservation featuring experts in the field.


Average Salary: £18,000-£24,000.

Gardeners design, create, and maintain gardens. This includes planting, weeding, and ensuring plant health.

Example: Transforming a client’s backyard into a beautiful flower garden with a water feature.

Social Media Influencer

Average Salary: Varied; depends on followers and partnerships.

Social Media Influencers create content to engage followers, collaborate with brands for promotions, and maintain an active online presence.

Example: Partnering with a skincare brand to showcase their new product line in a series of Instagram posts and stories.

Screenwriting, Scriptwriting and Appraisals

Average Salary: £25,000-£35,000.

Screenwriting, Scriptwriting and Appraisals are writing scripts for various platforms, reviewing other scripts, and offering constructive feedback.

Example: Penning a script for a new dramatic television series and getting feedback from industry experts.

Copy Editor

Average Salary: £21,000-£27,000.

Copy Editor reviewing and refining content for clarity, grammar, and consistency. Ensuring the content aligns with specified guidelines.

Example: Editing a debut author’s novel manuscript before it goes to print, ensuring it’s free from errors.

To sum up, there’s no need to feel disheartened if you’re without a degree or experience. The UK job market teems opportunities, offering good paying jobs catering to a wide range of interests. Whether you’re passionate about digital arts, social media, or even pet care, there’s likely a perfect fit for you. Therefore, embrace these best jobs from home or interesting part-time roles and enjoy the benefits of high paying jobs no experience or degree. Remember, with the right mindset, success is just around the corner.




In the diverse UK job market, individuals can find an abundance of high paying roles, regardless of prior experience or a formal degree. There’s something for everyone, from digital professions like web development to hands-on occupations such as gardening. The options are vast whether you’re looking for flexibility to work from home or seeking part-time ventures. Ultimately, the key is to choose the highest paying job that aligns best with your passions and strengths. However, embrace the evolving employment landscape, and remember that your unique skills and determination often hold more value than traditional qualifications. Choose wisely and thrive.

FAQs on Entry-Level High Paying Jobs Without Experience & Degree in the UK

In the UK, several high-paying jobs don’t require a degree. These include estate agents, air traffic controllers, railway operators, and various roles in sales and recruitment. However, each profession has its own set of qualifications and training requirements.

Many people succeed in roles that often require interpersonal skills rather than formal qualifications. Thus, entry-level sales representatives or affiliate marketing jobs can offer competitive salaries without a steep learning curve

Yes, many UK jobs offer on-the-job training and don’t require prior experience. However, it’s essential to highlight transferable skills and showcase enthusiasm during the application and interview process.

To secure a job in the UK without a degree, build a strong CV emphasising your skills, hobbies, and any volunteer or informal experience. Moreover, Some industries value practical skills and certifications over formal degrees, so researching and potentially gaining additional qualifications can be beneficial.


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